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Our Issues

Shanae's Focus

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Affordable Housing

  • Shanae has been at the forefront of addressing the Affordable Housing crisis in Westchester County. As Counilmember, she was the primary sponsor of the Affordable Housing legislation in the Yonkers City Council that required 20% of all new market rate construction to be set aside for affordable housing. 

  • 11,703 - That is how many new affordable housing units are needed, according to the County’s own affordable housing needs assessment. Shanae, if elected to the County Legislature, will be at the forefront in seeing that the recommendations laid out in the assessment are fully met.

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Combatting Homelessness

  • Councilmember Shanae Williams worked with the Mayor and her Council colleagues to provide $2.5 million for a pilot program called Project Connect with Westhab, to conduct outreach to the street homeless in Yonkers and connect them to various services. For the past two years through Project Connect, successfully helped over 100 homeless get off the streets and in the shelters, some of whom found permanent housing. 

  • Councilmember Williams has fought to prevent homelessness by supporting and funding the City’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program (Y-ERAP) which aided Yonkers residents with their payments of back rent, prospective rent, utilities and potentially relocation expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From June to September 2022 more than $14.5 million in aid was disbursed to Yonkers residents.

  • Shanae created a Homelessness Taskforce made up of community leaders, activists and formerly homeless, to find solutions to many issues the homeless in Yonkers struggled with. As a result, they were instrumental in getting Westchester County to keep their drop in shelters open 24 hours instead of closing their doors to the homeless at 6am. They consistently provided warm meals, warm clothes and toiletries for the homeless. As Councilmember, Shanae Williams sponsored legislation urging Westchester County to create day programs and services for the homeless.

  • Shanae will continue to fight for more services for the homeless by increasing funds in the County budget and working with the Department of Social Services, Office of Temporary Housing Assistance. 

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Mental Health Resources

  • As Councilmember, Shanae chairs the Community Services & Mental Health Committee. She has worked with community organizations such as NAMI and Que Paso LatinX to raise awareness of mental health and connect people with resources. 

  • Shanae will actively support, create initiatives and fund programs and organizations that invest in providing services to those who are most at risk and presently facing mental health challenges.

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Public Safety

  • Shanae believes in community policing and working with community organizations to improve public safety. As Councilmember, Shanae approved a sublease for S.I.C. Film School at the PAL which will have a substantive positive impact on our youth who may be drawn to the streets and guns/gangs. 


  • Shanae has supported and voted for City Budgets that have increased funding for the Yonkers Police Department and allowed for the hiring of dozens of new officers keeping our streets safer and having more officers patrolling at any one time. Additionally, Shanae has been an advocate for more diversity in the Yonkers Police Department and has been instrumental in successfully bringing more black, hispanic, and female police officers to Yonkers. 


  • Shanae supports and will continue to advocate for additional transparency in Law Enforcement practices and policies to establish solid connections between the community and law enforcement.

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Pride Parade

Human Rights

  • Shanae will fight for equity and access to resources the County has to offer for all humans regardless of race, gender, sexuality, socio-economic status, ability, etc.


  • Shanae proudly and firmly supports a woman’s right to choose, and will ensure that Westchester County will always remain as a Pro-Choice haven for women.


  • Shanae has always been an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and will continue to support their fight for equality throughout Westchester County.

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